A returning Veteran, Service Member, or any person suffering from PTSD due to: blast wave trauma, repetitive gun fire, a motor vehicle accident, a motorcycle accident, a bicycle accident, a slip or fall, a sports-related injury, a martial arts injury, a work related head injury, repetitive surgeries, a stroke, a cerebral hemorrhage, chemotherapeutic medication, exposure to medical / dental radiation, or almost any other trauma to the body.

Who does Warrior Angels Foundation help?

The Warrior Angels Foundation helps Veterans and Service Members. However, this treatment is not solely for Veterans. The personalized medical treatment protocol Dr. Gordon has designed for us can benefit anyone suffering from symptoms related to head injury, TBI, and / or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

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Common causes of TBIs in the U.S.1


Of all TBIs are caused by everyday slips and falls.


Of all TBIs are caused by motor vehicle accidents.


Of all TBI sufferers were struck by / against an object.

TBIs by classification — among Veterans

Deployed and Non-Deployed from 2000-2015 Q12

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