Combines the dynamic benefits of each individual product (CME, BC II, B4B) to help Stimulate, Protect, and Fuel the brain for optimal functioning and recovery. This Pak also includes Dynatropin to increase the potential effects.

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Mark L. Gordon, MD, Medical Director of the Millennium Health Centers, INC, has made groundbreaking contributions to the field of trauma and Traumatic Brain Injury treatments. Dr. Gordon studied within the alternative and complementary research fields about plant-based and nutraceutical products that have been shown to have positive influences over neurocognitive and neuropsychological functions.  This led Dr. Gordon to understand that any condition that creates inflammation in the brain can cause the loss of optimal brain functioning.

Dr. Gordon and the Warrior Angels Foundation teamed up in 2015 to bring Dr. Gordon’s personalized treatment protocols to Service Members and Veterans who were suffering from cognitive and emotional symptoms by way of their service-related head trauma. The Angel-Pak is Dr. Gordon’s core kit of products formulated to support and restore the health of the brain. These products were clinically evaluated in Warrior Angels Foundation Military and Veteran participants by way of Dr. Gordon and his Millennium Health Centers.

Traditionally, these products were used as part of Dr. Gordon’s advanced treatment methods which could only be received as a patient seen through his clinical practice. Through our combined research, we have found most individuals see a marked improvement on just the Angel-Pak without needing the office intervention and more in-depth full blood panel, which can be extremely pricey. These amazing products are now available to the public with all sales supporting the mission of Warrior Angels Foundation.